Killer : Task Manager for Quickly Terminating Processes

Windows does come with a task manager built inside it. This task manager is capable of finding, monitoring and terminating various processes and services running on a Windows PC. But sometimes we need a simpler solution that does not have any confusing options or features.

Killer is an open-source and simple task manager for Windows. It is designed using Python and gives the Windows users a quick way of terminating processes. What makes it quick is its ability of terminating not only a process but also all the children processes of that process.

Even though it is designed using Python, it does not bother the user to invoke any Python commands. Everything is packed inside an installer and we can simply launch Killer like we would any other normal program.

It shows an interface that looks similar to that of Windows Task Manager itself. In its window, you can find the process IDs, process names, CPU usage and memory usage for all the processes that it has enumerated. There are checkboxes provides against all the processes. We can select any process easily using these checkboxes. We can choose to either “Kill” the selected processes or kill “The Children Too” of the selected processes.

Killer Task Manager

The program finds it use when we are trying to get rid of a program that has spawned multiple child-processes and these processes have been consuming too many processes. In my experience this usually happens with Firefox web browser when we open dozens of tabs. With the help of Killer, we can get rid of all the child processes instantly instead of selecting them one-by-one and terminating them like that.

In the options for Killer, we can choose the dark theme or the light theme. We can also choose a zoom level from 0.5x or 1.0x. Personally, I found the 0.5x zoom level much better as it has very large font size by default.

Killer Task Manager

Killer is a simple and easy application for terminating a number of processes simultaneously. Compared to the Windows Task Manager, it has virtually no features other than the option to kill processes. But this also makes it very quick and fast task terminator.

You can download Killer for Windows from