Thilmera7 : Realtime System Monitor for Windows PC

Thilmera7 is a small system monitoring and reporting tool for Windows computers. It reminds of the small screen gadgets that used to be available for Windows 7 users many years ago. It places a small floating window on your computer screen. In this window, it displays all the information about your system performance.

It comes in form of a portable application inside a ZIP archive. Inside the archive, there are several programs for running Thilmera7. In case you are confused, just launch thilmera7.exe. A complete description of all the various executables packed inside the archive is given in the readme file.

It places an icon in the notification area. If we hover the mouse cursor over this icon, it displays the basic system information such as RAM, CPU, GPU and disk usage. Right-clicking on this icon gives us access to various options. From here, we can access the settings for the information window, restart the program, take screenshots, access power menu, and more. The screenshots captured using this tool are saved inside the “screenshot” sub-folder in the BMP image format. It can capture the entire screen, a custom rectangular area or only the main Thilmera7 window.


For the performance information window, we can choose what to include in the display. For example, we can display the date, time, CPU usage, GPU usage, CUDA usage, 3D GPU usage, disk read and write rates, network usage, sound playback, memory usage and more. We can also change the look, position and size of the floating window. It can also display the system temperature in form of a dynamically updated graph.


Thilmera7 is a very useful application for the users who have to keep an eye on the performance and the resources of their system. It is also good for testing the performance of a newly assembled computer so that you can find if there is any room for improvement.

You can download Thilmera7 from