Listen to Any Text Content Online with Intelligent Speaker

There is so much knowledge available online that it will take many lifetimes to go through all of it. Even if we read dozens of articles, blogs and books every single day, we cannot keep up with the new text content that appears the very next day. One way to speed up things is to listen to all the text content instead of reading it yourself. With the help of text-to-speech software like Intelligent Speaker, we can easily listen to any text content available online.

Intelligent Speaker is a browser extension that works in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. There is a high probability that it is also going to work in the Vivaldi and Microsoft Edge browser. After you have installed it in your supported web browser, you can open a webpage that you want to listen to, right-click anywhere on that webpage and choose Add to Feed from the context-menu.

Intelligent Speaker

If you want it to read only a selected portion of text on a webpage, then you have to first select that text and then right-click on the selected text before picking Add to Feed from the right-click menu.

After adding your feeds to Intelligent Speaker, you can click on its icon in the browser toolbar. You will see all the feeds that you have added. We can click on the play button for any of these feeds to start listening to them.

Intelligent Speaker

In the settings for the Intelligent Speaker extension, we can choose the default voice for any of the supported languages. It supports dozens of languages spoken in the world. The TTS voices used by Intelligent Speaker are very professional and it is hard to tell that it is actually TTS engine and not a real person speaking. There is also breathing effect in the TTS engine and you hear the person taking a long breath before beginning a new paragraph or sentence.

Intelligent Speaker

Intelligent Speaker is also available as an app for smartphones. If we create an account, we can sync the feeds added in the desktop browser with the app for smartphone. This way we can listen to the text feeds anywhere we go through our smartphone.

While listening to the text using Intelligent Speaker in the browsers is free, there are certain limitations for the free users. We can listen to a total of 1 hour of text every month in the basic free account. There is no such limit for the paid users who can also download an MP3 file for offline listening.

You can get the Intelligent Speaker extension for your web browser from