Aspia : Remote Desktop Management Software for Windows

Aspia is a remote desktop management software for Windows PC. It can be used to access the desktop of a remote computer, manage the remote desktop and transfer files between the local and remote computers. it is ideal for controlling remote computers when you to fix them or perform some routine checkups.

It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers running Windows 7 and above. For making Aspia work, you need two software installed – one on the local computer and the second on the remote computer. On the local computer, we need the Aspia Console installed. And on the remote computer, we have to install Aspia Host application. The console part of Aspia is available in a portable version too.

Aspia Host

On the remote computer, the first thing we have to do is add a user account after Aspia Host has been installed. We can also choose a port but it is better to leave the port number set to the default value.

Aspia console is run on the local computer. In console, we can either add  a new computer in the address book or use the quick connect feature. When we add a computer to the address book, we can just double-click on it in order to connect to it. For the quick connect, we have to enter all the information each and every time we want to connect to a remote computer. Basically, we have to supply the IP address for the remote computer, the username and the password.

Aspia Console

There are three modes of connecting to the remote computer – file transfer, desktop manage and desktop view. In the file transfer mode, it just opens a two pane file manage interface. On the left-side is displayed the file system of the local computer and on the right-side we find the file system of the remote computer.

In the desktop view mode, we can see the screen of the remote computer but cannot take any action or control input devices. And finally in the desktop management mode, we can not only view but use the remote computer as if you are sitting in front of it.

Aspia Console

Aspia is a fast and efficient remote desktop management software. It works flawlessly on any Windows PC running Windows 7 and above. We can connect to multiple computers at the same time and manage remote computers easily.

You can download Aspia from