Motrix : Download Manager with Support for HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent and Magnet

Motrix is an Electron based download manager for Windows, macOS and Linux. It supports many different protocols such as HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent and Magnet. It has a very nice user interface and integrates well into the operating system.

During the installation of Motrix, it sets itself up as the default BitTorrent client. This is really useful as now you can just double-click on any .torrent file and start downloading the files through it. Similarly, when you click on any .torrent link in your web browser, it will be opened using Motrix.

Motrix is also available as a portable application. With the portable version, we can launch Motrix and click on the “+” icon to add a new download URL. We can also add a BitTorrent download in the same manner. In the new download dialog, we can choose in how many parts the file should be downloaded, whether it should be renamed and the destination folder.

Motrix Download Manager

Motrix takes care of downloading files automatically. In its well designed user interface, we can pause or cancel any download if needed. If you try to download a really huge file (like some games from GoG), it will give you warning about the large download size before proceeding with the downloads.

In the Motrix settings, we can change the appearance of its window by choosing a dark theme or a light theme. We can enable proxy servers, change the trackers for the BitTorrent downloads, and associate it as the default application for the Magnet and Thunder protocols.

Motrix Download Manager

It keeps running in the background and keeps downloading your files. In case of P2P networks, it starts sharing the downloaded files once your downloads have finished. We can also set it to run at startup so that it can finish any leftover downloads as soon as you start Windows.

Motrix is a complete download manager with a complete support for various popular protocols. We tried downloading Firefox browser through Motrix and it downloaded the setup file in seconds. It even displayed the current download speeds in a small speedometer which is helpful when you are waiting for a large download to complete.

You can download Motrix from