MyIE9 Browser : Replacement for Internet Explorer on Windows

There are dozens of web browsers available for Windows computer today such as Opera, Vivaldi, Chrome, Firefox, Palemoon, Waterfox and more. But the one web browser that the old Windows users are often found to miss is Microsoft Internet Explorer. Problem with Internet Explorer is that you cannot open some of the new websites using this this old web browser. If you are also trying to relive the golden days of the old web browser from Microsoft, then you can use MyIE9 browser.

MyIE9 is designed to take you back to the Internet Explorer 9 days from Windows XP era. At the same time, it seems to work well with all the new sites with some workarounds. It gives the basic Internet Explorer look by default, but it comes with dozens of skins. Using these skins we can change how it looks. But the skins do not change the entire window. The skins affect only the toolbars and the colors.

MyIE9 Browser

MyIE9 works in a compatibility mode for Internet Explorer. But we can change the rendering mode from within the MyIE9 settings. We can make it use a rendering mode from IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 or IE11. Depending on the version picked for the rendering, some websites will be displayed differently in the MyIE9 web browser.

MyIE9 Browser

I tested MyIE9 web browser on my Windows 10 64-bit PC. It impressed me as very fast and lightweight browser. What surprised me the most that the entire browser came in a ZIP file of only 3.70 MB! I cannot imagine how they have managed to pack such a full featured web browser in such a tiny package.

While Firefox and Chrome users are going to snub at this tiny browser, older users of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 are definitely going to find themselves at home.

You can download MyIE9 Browser from