MediCat USB : Multi-Boot USB Drive for Fixing PC Problems

MediCat USB is a multi-boot USB disk drive that can be used to fix a number of common PC problems. It comes with many useful tools and utilities. It is multi-boot and we can use the same USB drive to boot into a large number of operating systems or tools such as Linux, Windows 10 On-the-Go, Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware, System Rescue and more. By booting into any of these, we get access to other tools and then we can fix various problems.

MediCat USB packs so many tools on the same disk, that the total size of the download is 20 GB. This is almost 4 times than that of the latest Windows 10 ISO image. But it carries all the tools that could be needed when your PC is not able to boot or has been infected by a nasty malware. For putting it on a USB drive, we need at least a 32 GB pendrive with USB 3.0 interface. The developers suggest that we use a 64 GB USB 3.0 pendrive for better results.

MediCat USB

It runs a mini-Windows which is a trimmed down version of Windows 10. When booted into Windows, we find the usual interface that we expect from a typical Windows 10 installation. There is a Start menu and there is the desktop. On both the desktop and the Start menu, we can find hundreds of shortcuts to useful tools. Most of these tools are open-source or free. But then there are some tools that are free for only personal use.

There are multiple tools provided for the same task. For example, it has many different partition management software. This is a bit redundant, but I guess if one software does not work for you then we can always try the other fifteen. It is always better to have a choice of multiple tools for the same task in any case.

You can download MediCat USB from