Quickly Edit EXIF Tags of Images with Online Tool TheExifer

When we snap a picture using a digital camera, not only it saves the picture file on the memory card of the camera, it also adds some extra information to that picture file. This extra information is usually in the form of EXIF metadata if the images are being saved in the JPEG file format. The EXIF contains useful information about the camera that was used and the location where the picture was snapped. Many image editors can use this information when editing and managing your pictures.

Here is how you can edit the EXIF metadata in images using the online tool TheExifer:

  1. Using any modern web browser, visit https://www.thexifer.net/.
  2. On the website, you will find options to upload the images from your computer by drag-n-drop action or get images stored on your Flickr, Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.
  3. All the image files added will appear in form of thumbnails, you have to click on the eXif.me button next to the images to open the online EXIF metadata editor for those images.eXifer
  4. Using the EXIF tag editor we can add the geographical location coordinates, camera make, camera model, lens make, lens model, lens serial number, editing software, date of creation, date of modification, original date and time for capturing the images, artist, owner name, image description and more.
  5. After editing, we have to click on the Go.eXifing button, close the metadata editor and then we will be able to download the modified images that have new EXIF metadata.eXifer

Other than the EXIF metadata, the web app can also add or edit the XMP, XMP GPano, IPTC and GEO metadata. All of these are available from the same user interface. As can be easily guessed, when we add metadata to the images, their total file size increases a little.

While the online EXIF editor TheExifer works really fast, it cannot be used for adding or editing the metadata on your sensitive image files. Also uploading very large files can be an issue for people having sluggish internet connections.