Soundglass Plays Audio Directly into Streaming Apps

These days we are all busy using online conferencing apps like Skype or Zoom because of the new “work from home” lifestyle. Even the people who had never used these apps have now learned about them. But these apps are not all about serious office work, online schooling and meetings. We can have some fun with friends through these apps too. How about sharing your sound through these apps along with the microphone? An open-source software called Soundglass does exactly that. Now we can gossip with one or more friends through Skype while listening to the same music in the background.

Soundglass is an open-source program that works on Windows and macOS. It does not need any installation and can be run right after unpacking it from a ZIP archive. The developer advises to install a virtual audio device prior to using Soundglass. For macOS, we have to install Soundflower and for Windows we have to install VB-Cable.


When you launch the Soundglass for the first time, you have to make some changes to the settings. In the settings, we have to choose the installed Virtual Audio Device and your computer’s audio device. Without properly setting up the right output devices, it might not work.

Finally, we can drag-n-drop some audio files on the Soundglass window and play them. There is nothing else to do. You online voice chat apps will get this audio automatically. For the convenience of the users, a keyboard support has been added in the program. This way we can control the music being played using keyboard shortcuts. For assigning keyboard shortcuts, we can click next to a song and register a shortcut.


Whether you use online voice chat apps for making calls, for streaming your podcast or for live-streaming, you can have an easy time with Soundglass. It does not confuse the user with too many settings and keeps everything simple.

You can download Soundglass from