Crystal Amp (cAmp) : Small and Fast Audio Player for Windows

Windows 10 does come with Windows Media Player and we can also install third-party media players like VLC Media Player or MPC-BE. But to be honest these media players are really an overkill when we are playing just a few audio files. Personally, I use small footprint players like 1by1 or XMPlay for playing the MP3 files. Since they do not consume too much RAM or CPU power, they are ideal for listening to the music in the background while working on other things on the PC.

There is another footprint audio player for Windows called Crystal Amp (cAmp). It is open-source application and is completely controlled through keyboard shortcuts. cAmp not only looks very nice but it also makes everything easy. We can start by dragging-n-dropping audio files on its window. It supports all the popular audio file formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA etc. We can right-click on any of the audio files to start playing it.

Crystal Amp

You will soon realize that clicking on cAmp window with your mouse does not really do much. This is because cAmp is designed for controlling through your keyboard. We can press F1 to bring up the list of keyboard shortcuts that are supported. The help screen is divided into six parts and we can use PageUp/PageDown keys to go back and forth the help screens. For the playback of audio files it uses the same shortcuts that now-abandoned media player Winamp uses.

Crystal Amp

It comes with three visualizations that can be toggled through the O and P keys. It has oscilloscope, Fourier transform and waveform style visualizations. We can even turn off the playback visualization altogether. Another beautiful feature of cAmp is that you can rate your songs in the playlists. For increasing the rating of a song we can press * and for reducing it we can press / on the Numpad. Songs of different ratings are displayed in different colors. Later we can filter the songs in the playlist based on their rating.

You can download cAmp from