Create Shortcuts to Anything with Shortcut Maker for Android

There are some apps that we use more than the others. Similarly there are some websites that we visit more often compared to others. In order to save our time, we can create shortcuts to these apps or sites on the home screen. While it is easy to drop their shortcuts on the home screen of your Android smartphone, Shortcut Maker makes it even easier.

Shortcut Maker is an Android app using which you can create shortcuts to almost anything on the home screen. Not only it supports making shortcuts to almost anything, it is so much easy to use too. We can launch the Shortcut Maker app and immediately we are presented with all the different things we can create shortcuts to.

Shortcut Maker

We can choose to create shortcuts to – apps, activities, contacts, folders, files, intents, settings, websites, inner link, in app, requested (features that are requested by the users) and more. As you select any of these categories, you are taken to an interface that guides you to all the steps necessary to create a shortcut. For example, when we choose to create a shortcut to a file, it asks us to choose a file from the local storage, and then gives us the various options that can be chosen. We can change the label for the shortcut, icon used, whether it is protected by password or fingerprint lock.

If you has created a shortcut earlier but it is no longer working, then it also has options to fix the shortcuts and resolve their problems. In the settings, we can choose which icon packs (if you have installed any of the icon packs), icon size, and the icon shape to be used for the new shortcuts being created by the Shortcut Maker.

You can get the Shortcut Maker app for Android from