Slapdash : Access All Web Apps from One Place

These days there are so many web apps available for development or office work, that we do not really have to install any apps on the local computer. We can use Dropbox to store the files on the cloud, we can use Google Docs to create and edit office documents, we can use Zoom to hold online meetings with coworkers and so on. But suppose all these web apps are available from a single window or single user interface?

Slapdash does exactly that, it allows use to connect all of our web app accounts so that we can access them all from a single window. It supports all the popular web apps for working from home, various services and holding online conferences. It is specially useful during these tough times of pandemic if we have to work from home because of quarantine or lockdown.

Slapdash itself requires creation of a user account which can be done easily using an email address. Once you have created a Slapdash account, you can start adding all the apps that you need to your Slapdash account. For this, you can simply click on the “Connect” button next to the various online tools and services. This will take you through all the necessary steps for connecting to those tools.


Once you have added one or more tools, you can search for various commands for those tools from the Slapdash interface. For example, if we want to launch Zoom, we can type “zoom” in the search box and it will display all the commands related to Zoom. We can also manage calendar and save important events ahead of time.

The Slapdash does not support all the web apps and online tools but it supports many of the important ones such as Asana, Box, Clubhouse, Coda, Confluence, Crunchbase, DocuSign, Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, Figma, Giphy, Github, Gitlab, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, HubSpot, Intercom, Jira, Linear, Linkedin, Monday, Notion, Phabricator, Quip, Roam Research, Salesforce, Stack Overflow, Slack, Stripe, Superhuman, Todoist, Trello, YouTrack and Zoom.


Slapdash is a really productive platform that can increase work productivity by connecting and using all the applications needed. Furthermore, it can also improve collaboration and organization while editing and creating any project or performing other activities during everyday computer use.

You can download Slapdash desktop app from