Disks Watchdog Alerts When Used Drive Space Exceeds a Limit

So when we are downloading files over the weekend, sometimes we forget that we no longer have any available disk space left. If we keep filling up the hard drives by downloaded files or or by copying them from some other storage device, we are going to reach a stage when there is no storage space left for our use.

When there is very small available storage space left on the hard drives, the system might become slow. This is because Windows requires some available disk space for the operating system to work properly. With less than 10% disk space left free, the computer might not work at the optimum performance.

One way around this problem is to use two hard drives or solid state drives – one for installing Windows and another for storing all the large files. But even then you should always watch out for filling up the storage drives too much. A free software Disks Watchdog can help you in this.

Disks Watchdog

Disks Watchdog continually keeps checking the system and keeps a close eye on the used drive space. When the used space on disks exceeds a specific limit, it alerts the user. It raises the alarm in the notification area for the current user. The alerts are also sent by an email message if you are not physically close to the computer.

Once installed, it sets itself to automatically start with Windows. This setting can be turned off but it is recommended as you won’t receive any alerts or notifications without it running in the background. When you receive the alert, you can take an action to either remove the unnecessary files from your computer or install a larger capacity storage drive so that you can continue to keep working on your computer.

You can download Disks Watchdog from http://ftsoftcompany.com/.