How to Check for Genuine Dell Products Online

When you want to buy any computer peripheral online, you are struck with two big problems. First of all there are so many products to choose from and it takes so much time deciding what to buy. And secondly, so many of these products are fake. These fake products are also called counterfeit, knock-off, grade one or first copy products. They are not genuine and produced in some seedy factory, but are made to resemble the original products manufactured by large companies such as Dell, Logitech, HP etc.

Fortunately, with Dell products it is easy to check for the authenticity or genuineness of a peripheral such as keyboard or mouse. These products come with a QR code printed over them. We can scan this QR code to know their authenticity.

Check for Dell Product Authenticity

The QR code sticker is a scratch-to-reveal type of sticker that must be scratched using nails or a coin to reveal the full QR code. Once the code is visible, we can use any QR scanner app on any smartphone to scan it.

The QR code contains a unique serial number as well as a URL link. When you visit this link in your web browser, it verifies the serial number and shows whether you have bought an authentic product or not. If your serial number is wrong then it shows message pertaining to that. One serial number can be authenticated only once, so if you scan the same QR code twice, it will show a message that the device has already been verified.

Check for Dell Product Authenticity

Using this simple method, we can check for genuine Dell products easily. If through this process we find a counterfeit or knock-off product, then we should contact Dell and the retailer where we bought that product. One way to ascertain that we buy truly genuine Dell products is by purchasing them through Dell’s own website