Voya Media : Open-Source Media Player for Windows, Mac & Linux

Voya Media is an open-source media player for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports playback of video files, audio and can also display image files on your screen. It is powered by another open-source project FFmpeg and therefore can playback all kinds of music or video file formats.

In addition to local media files, it can also play online radio stations through ShoutCast network. It has a tabbed user interface with each tab dedicated to different type of files or online streaming. After launching Voya Media, we can add our local files to its playlist simply by dragging-n-dropping files on its window. We can also add entire folders containing media files to Voya Media.

Once the files have been added, Voya Media can automatically place them in various categories such as pictures, music, video etc. You will find all these files under these specific tabs. If you have added hundreds or thousands of files, then you can also search your files through a simple search box.

Voya Media

In a similar way, we can search for the online radio stations from the SHOUTcast tab. It takes a little time for the search results to appear in the list but when they are displayed, we can double-click on them to listen to the selected radio stations. Some of these radio stations do not appear to work but others work seamlessly.

In the older versions of Voya Media, there was support for cloud storage like Dropbox. But the developer has removed it to make the program simpler and much easier to use.

Voya Media

We observed that the user interface of Voya Media has a certain lag in various actions. Apart from that it works without any problems. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, versatile and cross-platform media player then you may want to give Voya Media a try.

You can download Voya Media from https://github.com/adamajammary/voyamedia.