How to Delete Cache from Spotify App on Android

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app in the world. There are many other apps but there is hardly any other app that comes closer to Spotify in terms of quality or ease of using the app. We can listen to millions of songs through Spotify over its various interfaces such as web app, Android app, iOS app, desktop apps and more.

When listening to music through the Spotify app for Android, some files are stored on the local storage called the app cache. We can remove the app cache in Android using the Android apps settings section, but that could also remove some other files that should not be removed. Instead we should use the cache removal feature from within the Spotify app itself. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap on the Home button and then on the cogwheel icon near the top right corner. This will open the settings for the Spotify app.Delete Cache in Spotify
  3. Scroll down and then tap on Delete cache. You will be shown a toast confirmation box where you have to tap on the Delete Cache button again. This will remove all the unnecessary cache from Spotify app.

When Spotify app cache is removed using the above method, it won’t delete your downloaded podcasts or music. It will just delete all the other cache that the Spotify app has accumulated over many months. Deleting the Spotify cache from your Android device has twofold benefits – it frees up space from your mobile device and it also makes the Spotify app launch faster the next time.

It is not really necessary to delete the cache of the Spotify app regularly, but if you are running out of the storage space on your mobile device then it can really help. Another way to address the problem is to add another larger microSD card to your device.