How to Enable Alexa Voice-Shopping on Amazon App for Android

We all know that Alexa is a virtual assistant that uses many advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, speech to text and speech synthesis for listening to your commands and carry out various tasks. We can ask Alexa to search for things, play music, launch apps and more. Usually for this we have to either buy an Amazon device (such as Amazon Fire) that supports Alexa or install Alexa app on our smartphones. Alexa can also be installed on Windows or macOS. But if you are using the Amazon online shopping app then you already have a limited version of Alexa available on your device. We can use this Alexa in the Amazon app for shopping through our voice.

Here is how we can enable Alexa voice shopping in the Amazon online shopping app for Android:

  1. Launch Amazon online shopping app, tap on the menu icon and select Settings from the menu.Toggle Alexa in Amazon Shopping App
  2. On the settings screen, choose Alexa from the various type of settings listed.
  3. Tap on the toggle button to enable Wake Word.Toggle Alexa in Amazon Shopping App
  4. This is it, now you are ready to do online shopping through Alexa.

The Alexa in Amazon app works exactly the same as the Alexa app itself. It displays an Alexa icon in the notification bar of Android when Alexa has been enabled. We can wake up Alexa by saying “Alexa”. Afterwards, we can ask Alexa about the status of our previous orders, about playing music, movies or shows on Amazon Prime, and more. Obviously, we can search for various products on Amazon using Alexa.

Alexa in the Amazon app is restricted to be used within the Amazon online shopping app. If you want to use Alexa virtual assistant then you can install Alexa app on your smartphone. This Alexa app can be used to do anything on your phone through the voice commands which all initiate by speaking “Alexa” to wake it up.