IFTTT Makes Apps Do More on Your Smartphone

IFTTT is an acronym for If This Then That which is an advanced conditional task launcher for Android and iOS. We can configure multiple applets which are configured to launch a certain task based on a trigger. If a certain trigger is met, then it will carry out the configured task. Once you have created at least one applet, it keeps running in the background looking for the configured trigger events.

The free version of IFTTT gives you the ability to create three applets of your own. In the paid Pro version, we are able to create many more applets. Other than creating our own applets, we also have access to thousands of very useful applets ready for use. In the Pro version, not only we can create an unlimited number of applets, but we can create multi-level applets (as opposed to a single If … Then condition).


IFTTT works with many other popular apps such as Amazon shopping app, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, GMail, Dropbox, Alexa, eBay and many more. IFTTT calls them services and they can be connected with IFTTT for in-the-app tasks and events. For example, if we can connect Spotify with IFTTT, then we get access to internal events and tasks of Spotify such as playing music, pausing, listening to a list and so on.

It is not that IFTTT works only with other apps, it can also use the OS (Android or iOS) events and tasks. For example, we can use the battery charge level as a trigger (e.g., when battery charge drops below 15%) and then configure a task for it such as sending a notification from the IFTTT app.


Furthermore, it can work with other smart devices such as smart TV, smart refrigerator, smart vacuum, smart gardener and so on. This way, we can automate so many tasks of the entire house or office using IFTTT. It is available for Android devices, iOS devices and they also offer a web app.

You can get the IFTTT app for Android or iPhone from https://ifttt.com/.