How to Toggle Browser Sounds in Opera GX Browser

Opera GX, the gaming web browser form the makers of Opera, is rapidly become popular with everyone. It is lightweight, work son both Windows and Mac, and comes with many cool features that make browsing with Opera GX much more fun. For example, it comes with browser sounds that are played when you carry out some action on your web browser. These sounds are played when you open or close a tab, when you type something, when you click somewhere on a webpage and more.

These sounds are cool and add to the nice user experience in Opera GX. However, if you do not like these browser sounds, then you can easily disable them. There are two ways to toggle browser sounds in Opera GX. One way to toggle them is by through the quick settings:

  1. Launch Opera GX gaming browser (you can get it from
  2. In the Opera GX browser, click on the quick settings icon near the top-right corner.
  3. In the quick settings, find the Features section and enable or disable Browser Sounds by clicking on the toggle button next to it.Browser Sounds in Opera GX
  4. This is it, very simple way to toggle the browser sounds in Opera GX.

Another way to toggle the browser sounds is through the Opera GX settings page. For this you have to enter opera://settings/sounds_settings in the address bar. On the settings page that appears on your screen, you will find a toggle button for enabling or disabling the browser sounds.

Opera GX keeps changing or updating these browser sounds from time to time. So when your browser receives the latest update, it just might get a different updated set of browser sounds. But there seems to be no other way to make changes to the individual sounds that are played for various actions in the Opera GX browser.