Invisible Hand : Get the Lowest Price When You Shop Online

These days people are doing so much online shopping because of the pandemic situation. They are avoiding going out to do their shopping to avoid social contact. It is much better and safer to buy items of all kinds online including grocery, ready to eat food, clothes, medicines and more.

We know that some shopping sites offer discounts and coupons when you purchase something from them. When you are shopping online, you would love to get the same item in the lowest price and this can be done easily through an extension for Firefox called Invisible Hand.

After you have installed Invisible Hand extension in the Firefox web browser, it works in two ways. Firstly, it finds out whether a shopping site is offering any discounts or coupons in your location. When this happens, the Invisible Hand icon in the Firefox toolbar will display the number of offers for that site. For example, when we visited the popular Sears online shopping website, we were shown 2 coupons that could be applied to get 30% discount on appliances and 10% discount on all the items site wide.

Invisible Hand for Firefox

Another way that Invisible Hand works is by comparing the prices of a product that you are looking for. For example, if you are looking at a Samsung digital camera on Sears, it will find out the price of the same product on all the other mainstream shopping sites. In the even that it finds the same product cheaper somewhere else, you will get a bar notification on the site itself. This is very useful as we do not have to manually compare various products ourselves by visiting all those sites one by one.

Invisible Hand for Firefox

Invisible Hand can save our time when looking for lower prices on various items online. It works on hundreds of online retailers in the US or UK. We can change the country setting in the extension options to United States or United Kingdom. Apart from the online shopping, it also works on flight booking sites.

You can get the Invisible Hand extension for Firefox from