Monitor WiFi Network Usage with Free netcut

If you have any kind of WiFi network in your home or office then perhaps you want to know who and how they are accessing your WiFi network. One simple way to do this is by accessing the web interface of the WiFi router and checking the Wireless Statistics area. Of course, different devices from different manufacturers may display it under different places in the web interface.

The web interface of a wireless router may tell you about the device name, IP address assigned to it and lease time for a connected device. But it does not give you any detailed information about that device. Then there are some cheap WiFi routers that do not display any information at all.

If you want to know detailed information about the various users connecting to your WiFi router then you can use a free software called netcut. It is a no-configuration tool that shows a wealth of information about the connected users and their devices. For example, it can show the device brand, device name, IP address, MAC address, when first joined, how long they stayed and when they left.


The netcut tool requires that you are running Windows 7 or later. It seems to work best with Chrome web browser, so Chrome browser must also be installed. After installing netcut, we can launch it from its Start menu shortcut. As soon as it is launched, it will launch Chrome browser, open netcut URL and begins to display all the details about your WiFi network.


Among other things, it has a few interesting features such as the locking of the network. We can lock a WiFi network for new user access. Devices connected before will stay connected, but no new devices are allowed on the network. We also add users into a “trusted” group where there are no restrictions.

You can download netcut from