LIII BitTorrent Client : Small and Fast Torrent and Magnet Downloader

While there are many P2P applications for Windows that support the downloading of files over BitTorrent, some of them are very bulky and bloated. Such large BitTorrent clients claim a large pie of the system resources and might even hang up your system.

Fortunately, there is LIII BitTorrent Client – a fast and small torrent and magnet downloader for Windows. It works right out of the box and uses a minimal of your system resources. The program is designed to look like an ordinary download manager. You can add a download link (torrent or magnet links) and it begins to downloaded the files right away.

When it is first launched, it asks for system integration so that .torrent and .magnet files are associated with LIII BitTorrent Client. After the integration is done you can just double-click on the torrent and magnet files for opening them in the LIII BitTorrent Client. Similarly, when you click on the links to these files in a web browser, they will be opened automatically in the LIII BitTorrent Client. These file associations can also be managed from the LIII settings.

LIII BitTorrent Client

LIII BitTorrent Client is available in portable program format as well as in form of a setup installer package. Since the program is developed using the C++ language and native Win32 API, it does not require any third party runtimes or frameworks. We can even place it on a removable portable hard drive and use it from there on any Windows PC.

We tries LIII BitTorrent Client to download the latest version of LibreOffice. We added the torrent file downloaded from the LibreOffice website using a drag-n-drop action. It started to download the files instantly and the download was finished in a few seconds. We did not face any problems with LIII BitTorrent Client.

You can download LIII BitTorrent Client from