RustDesk : Small Open-Source Remote Desktop Software

RustDesk is a remote desktop software that is written in the Rust programming language. It is open-source and works on Windows, Linux and macOS. It is very easy to use as it comes in form of a single binary file. There is no installation needed however it does allow to be installed on the local hard drive.

Using RustDesk on any computer is fairly easy. Since it acts both as a server and client, we can use the same application for both the local and the remote computers. We have to launch RustDesk on the remote computer to find the computer ID and the password. Both the ID and the password can be changed as per user’s wishes.

We can click on the small menu icon next to the computer ID to set various options on or off. For example, we can choose to enable keyboard/mouse, clipboard access, file transfer, TCP tunneling, or audio input for the local PC when it is being accessed remotely. There are no further user access control for files or folders so you should be careful when allowing file transfer permissions.


On the local computer, we can launch RustDesk and then enter the computer ID and the password of the remote computer (as given by the RustDesk application running on that computer). It will be connected in a few seconds giving you full-screen access to the remote computer. Depending on the permissions set by the remote computer, you would be able to use the keyboard, mouse, clipboard of the remote computer.

You can also simple send /receive files instead of having the full desktop access. The beauty of the RustDesk is that we can connect to multiple remote computers running on Windows, Linux or macOS at the same time. The developers suggest that we should run our own server for faster connections instructions for which are also available from RustDesk website.

You can download RustDesk from