iFun Screenshot : Free Screenshot Application for Windows

iFun Screenshot is a free screenshot application for Windows. It can be used to capture the full screen, a region on the screen, or a scrolling page screenshot (like a long webpage that you have to scroll down to view). Even though it features a button for recording screen activity into a small video, it works only if you have another software called iFun Screen Recorder is installed.

As we launch iFun Screenshot, it places a floating toolbar on the screen. We can drag this toolbar anywhere on the screen. This toolbar makes it very easy to capture the screen. We can click on the capture, region or scrolling buttons to capture the full-screen, selected region on the screen or a scrolling page.

iFun Screenshot

We can also various hotkeys to carry out all the screen capturing tasks provided by iFun Screenshot. We can right-click on the notification area icon of iFun Screenshot and choose to initiate screen capture. There are hotkeys to capture, capture full-screen, capture the active window and to capture the scrolling window. We can view all these hotkeys by simply hovering the mouse cursor on the system tray icon of iFun Screenshot.

iFun Screenshot

When a screenshot has been captured, it displays some basic editing functions. We can use the editor to annotate the image, draw shapes (rectangles, circles and lines), or add texts. This is a very basic image editor but if you need some serious editing then you can use Paint.net image editor.

iFun Screenshot

In the settings for iFun Screenshot, we can make it automatically start at Windows logon, choose a folder on the local storage drive where all the screenshots are saved, the format of the image to be saved (JPEG or PNG), the JPEG image quality, and the various hotkeys that are to be used for taking the screenshots.

You can download iFun Screenshot from https://recorder.iobit.com/en/screenshot.