Ryujinx : Open-Source Nintendo Switch Console Emulator

If you want to play Nintendo Switch games on your PC, then you need two things – an emulator and the game ROMs. For the gaming ROMs we have to either prepare them from the original game DVDs or have to cource them from some online sources. But for the emulator, we can use an open-source program called Ryujinx.

Ryujinx is a Nintendo Switch console emulator that is still in the experimental stage, but it seems to work great on Windows 10 PC. For the developers, Ryujinx is is written in Microsoft C# and can be downloaded from the Github. While the source code is available on Github, there are no releases available from Github. We have to download the releases from its official website.

While it works great on a Windows 10 PC, it is not same as playing games on your Nintendo Switch. It is designed to provide the players with a really nice gaming experience on the large screen of your desktop screen. But the gaming also depends on the hardware capabilities of your computer hardware. If you have a low end computer, then you can still use it to test the new games before actually buying a game for your console.

There are so many configuration settings and options provided in the Ryujinx user interface that it becomes quite complicated. Beginners are going to have a hard time working around the program. However, the developers have provided an online help manual using which can understand how the program settings are configured and how we can load a game ROM into its interface.


Even though the Ryujinx emulator can be launched without any problem on any PC, it may run into problems if you do not have large enough RAM available for it. For making it work on a standard Windows 10 PC, we need at least 8 GB of RAM. It will work even better with larger amount of RAM. The Ryujinx emulator supports many of the popular Nintendo Switch games such as Animal Crossing, Mario Kart 8, Wanderlust Travel Stories, Super Mario Party, Bleed, Bleed2.

You can download Ryujinx from https://ryujinx.org/download.