Search for Any File on Windows PC with FRSFileList

Has it ever happened to you that you saved an important file on your PC, but afterwards could not find it? You are not alone. Sometimes we are so tired after working hard on a document that we save it quickly and go to sleep. But later we cannot remember where exactly we saved that document. We know that it is somewhere on the hard drive, but we just cannot find it. Instead of going from one folder to another on the hard drive in the hope of finally finding the document, we can use a third-party software called FRSFileList to find that file.

FRSFileList is essentially a file searching software for Windows. But it comes with very practical and useful features. In the FRSFileList window we can make it find a number of files based on a certain criteria. By default, it is set to find 5 files that are largest in size on C: drive. But we can make it find any number of files that are largest, smallest, newest or oldest and reside in a particular folder instead of the C: drive.


We can also choose whether it should look for visible files, hidden files, system files, or a combination of these. In addition, you can also specify the type of file (extension) that you are looking for. For example, we can choose to find DOCX type files which would look for Microsoft Word documents. The files are searched instantly withing a few seconds of clicking on the Go button. We can save the report to a local text file on the hard drive or print the report off any connected printer.


This makes looking for files very easy on Windows. Suppose you are looking for the Word document that you had saved somewhere on the hard drive last night. In this case, you can quickly look for DOCX type files, that are newest and visible. It will surely fetch your files for you in a matter of seconds.

You can download FRSFileList from