SCleaner : Small Portable Junk Cleaner for Windows

SCleaner is a small portable tool for cleaning junk files from a Windows PC. These unnecessary files could be taking many gigabytes of storage space on your computer. With the help of SCleaner, we can quickly find and remove such unwanted files and free the valuable storage space for use by other programs.

SCleaner is designed using Microsoft .NET and you have to install the latest version on your PC before using this app. If you do not have it installed, then SCleaner will open the webpage from where you can download it. It has a very minimal user interface with all the options displayed in a single small window. It is what CCleaner used to be many many years ago.

In the simple user interface, we can choose items to be cleaned from the Windows File Explorer and the System. From Windows File Explorer, we can clean items such as obsolete links, icons cache, thumbnails cache, taskbar jumplist, search history and the run history.


From the System section, we can choose to clean the recycle bin, old prefetch data, temporary files, memory dumps, update cache, Windows error reporting, Windows event logs and Windows log files. It can also remove trash if it is found in the Recycle Bin.

It also has a third section that showcases cleaning options for Windows Apps such as Windows Defender, MRUs and MUI Cache. However this section is still under development and is greyed out (disabled).

For finding the junk files and obsolete entries on your system, you have to choose these options as you want and then click on the small Scan button. It will find the junk files and other things on your system and display the results in red color. After this, you can click on the Clean button to finally clean the junk from your system.

You can download SCleaner from