Enhance Sound Output Performance with ProfoundSound Lite

We have previously written about ASIO4ALL drivers that can boost the performance of sound playback devices on your PC. It really makes a big difference when listening to the music and watching movies. There is another similar software called ProfoundSound Lite that also works in a similar way.

ProfoundSound Lite is a sound enhancement software for Windows that provides high quality audio playback for all your PC programs and websites. It installs a device driver to intercept the audio and modify the output. The user does not have to make any changes to the system and all the programs, media players and browsers continue to work just like before.

We have full control over how ProfoundSound Lite improves the sound output. It comes with a small control window from where we can completely turn off ProfoundSound Lite or choose various settings. We can choose the speaker type – internal, external, headset. We can pick a preset like movie, music, games or voice. We can also create our own custom presets using the slider controls for equalizer and effects like surround, dynamic bass and loudness. However, we cannot save the presets under different names for later use.

Profound Sound Lite

We can listen to the difference between the normal audio and the enhanced music by clicking on the toggle button which turns off/on the ProfoundSound Lite. It works well with all types of applications and music streaming apps like Spotify or Amazon Prime Music.

ProfoundSound Lite is a scaled down version of ProfoundSound CSharp. Both of these are not free software but can be tried for free. When you launch ProfoundSound Lite control window, it shows a nag reminder of buying the license for the full version. Other than that, we did not observe any limitations in the software.

You can download ProfoundSound Lite from http://www.profoundsoundaudio.com/products.html.