Hekapad : Lightweight Text Editor with Encryption

Hekapad is a lightweight text editor for Windows with some very interesting features. It comes with a fully customizable user interface where we can choose themes, toolbar icon sizes and the opacity of the editor window. It also features three different levels of encryption for your text files.

Hekapad comes with both in form of an installer and as a portable application. The latter is useful when we have to carry the programs on a portable hard drive or a USB pendrive. It does not require any special runtimes and can be used on any Windows version starting from Windows 7.

Hekapad has unobtrusive user interface as it allows the opacity level to be changed. Suppose we are working on a large document and want notes to be copied from a file opened in Hekapad. We can change the opacity to 40% which will allow us to see both the document underneath the Hekapad window and the document opened inside the Hekapad.

It comes with many useful features such as the ability to search for any word or phrase online. For this we have to first select that word or phrase in the text document opened in Hekapad. Then we can right-click on the selected text and choose “Search” followed by picking a search engine. It supports many search engines such as Bing, Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia etc.


This small text editor offers three different levels of encryption – simple, standard, and advanced. The standard and advanced levels use AES 256 bit cipher. The advanced level allows the users to choose their own encryption passwords.

Hekapad comes with something it calls dual clipboard. In addition to the system clipboard, it supports two more clipboards of its own – standard clipboard and custom clipboard. In the standard clipboard, we can store upto a maximum of 10 texts. In the custom clipboard, we can store five more custom texts.

Hekapad can make life easy because it comes with some of the frequently used canned texts. For example, we can write HTML_START in the text file, select it and press F5. This will replace HTML_START with the basic HTML document starting tags. There are many more commands like this, for example, PHP_START or START_CSS etc.

You can download Hekapad from https://www.hekasoft.com/hekapad/.