Fluent Reader : Open-Source RSS Feed Reader and Aggregator

So many websites, news organizations, bloggers and online shopping sites offer RSS feeds. Through these feeds, we can always stay in touch with the latest information as provided by those sources. For example, the online shopping giant Amazon offers RSS feeds for bestselling items, new releases, most gifted and most wished products. Through this RSS feed, we can quickly find out what everyone is buying for the mother’s day or which book is the top selling book on Amazon Kindle.

For fetching and reading RSS feeds, we need a software like Fluent Reader which is an open-source aggregator and feed reader. It works on all the major desktop platforms – Windows, Linux and macOS. It is designed using the popular Electron project that combines web technologies along with Chromium to create great looking applications.

Fluent Reader

Fluent Reader is designed to be used in the maximized window mode for the best results. The first thing that we have to do is click on its settings (cogwheel) icon and add our favorite feeds. It allows importing and exporting of OPML files. OPML is a file format used to exchange lists of RSS feeds between different feed aggregators. You can also create your own OPML file containing many different sources of RSS feeds by visiting an online app at https://opml-gen.ovh/.

Fluent Reader

By default, all the items from your various RSS feeds are displayed in a card style view. But we can change the view simply by choosing a view style from the menu – card view, list view, magazine view, and compact view. The program also allows the user to filter the feed using a keyword. Similarly, users can make a search through all the latest RSS feed items.

Fluent Reader

Fluent Reader is great for fetching the latest articles from your favorite sites. We can keep ourselves updated without having to visit, each and every website.

You can download Fluent Reader from https://github.com/yang991178/fluent-reader.