Sublime Text: Advanced Text Editor with Syntax Highlighting

Sublime Text is a full featured text editor with many advanced features. It supports syntax-highlighting for a large number of programming, markup and scripting languages. In addition, it can also work with installed tools (compiling and debugging packages), making it ideal to compile and run programs or projects. It also comes with a spell-checker which makes it a great text editor for bloggers and for general office use.

Sublime Text is very small in download size compared to others that offer the same set of features. It has a download size of only 13.8 MB for the Windows version. It comes in a portable version for the Windows users only. It can also be used on macOS and Linux.

Sublime Text does not depend on the standard Windows techniques to display the text. It can actually harness the power of your GPU to render the text on your screen. This way, it can display the text very clearly whether you have a small resolution screen or a large resolution screen such as 8K.

Sublime Text

It uses a tabbed user interface just like any modern web browser. In each of the tabs, we can open a separate file or create a new file. Using this tabbed interface, we can jump from one source code file to another when working on a large project. It also comes with a sidebar that makes it very easy to navigate through the source code of even the large files.

It offers auto-complete feature which is very time saving feature to have for any text editor. Unlike some other text editors, Sublime Text can auto-complete the words based on the context. This intelligent auto-complete can really make it a breeze to work through your source code files.

Sublime Text also offers themes and color selections that can be very easy on your eyes. We can use darker colors at the night time and lighter colors when working in the day time.

You can download Sublime Text from