Gihosoft File Encryption : Encryption Tool with Cloud Support

Everyone has some of those personal file that we want to hide from the eyes of other people. One easy way to achieve this simple goal is using a good file encryption tool. Through the use of an encryption software like Gihosoft File Encryption, we can encrypt all our files and password protect them.

Gihosoft File Encryption is a versatile encryption software that comes with many features such as locking files or folders,  creating a virtual disk for keeping files inside, creating masqueraded files (steganography) etc. It even supports cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, Microsoft OneDrive.

In order to use Gihosoft File Encryption, you have to start by setting a master password. Only through this password, you will be able to perform all the operations in this software. There is no other password needed for encryption or virtual disk creation.

Gihosoft File Encryption

We can use it to lock files/folders which basically encrypts the selected files and folders along with hiding them from the plain view. The locked items become invisible from Windows File Explorer. The only way to make them visible again is by unlocking them from within Gihosoft File Encryption.

The virtual disk that can be created by this software is a virtual drive container. Any file or folder that you copy to this virtual drive will be automatically encrypted. You can mount this virtual drive in order to access the files that you have copied inside the virtual drive.

Gihosoft File Encryption

Another tool that it offers is steganography which is hiding a file within another file. It can take any type of file and hide it inside a photo, video or audio file. It can use icons that are used on Windows desktop to disguise your file as My Computer, Recycle Bin, Neighborhood Network etc.

It supports uploading files to cloud storage so that even if you lose your original files, you always have a backup to rely upon. The encryption for the cloud storage is not directly supported.

You can download Gihosoft File Encryption from