Quickly Cut Any Video with Gihosoft Video Cutter

Gihosoft Video Cutter is a lossless video and audio cutter for Windows. It uses open source FFmpeg and as such covers a large number of video and audio formats. It avoids re-encoding the video or audio streams and thus produces the output media files having the exact same quality as the originals.

It comes with a user interface that is both easy to use and also reminds of a standard video editor. On the left side of the Gihosoft Video Cutter window we can add the source video files that are to be trimmed or cut. On the right side of the window, we have a small media player window  that can be used as a player as well as a selection maker.

Typically, we have to first add the media files (both video and audio files are supported) and then we can select these video files one by one. For any selected file, we have to make a selection for the beginning and the end of the video on the timeline.

Gihosoft Video Cutter

Since it is going to be a fully lossless operation, we do not have any choice for the output encoding. The output file will have same encoding and the encapsulation as the original file. But we can select the directory where the output files are placed. After this we can simply click on the Cut button and it will handle the rest.

Gihosoft Video Cutter uses the popular FFmpeg library for all the media operations and therefore the output quality is really very good. It does not really encode anything so we have a fully 100% lossless operation. We used this tool on a Windows 10 PC with medium level hardware and it performed all the operations within seconds. We recommend Gihosoft Video Cutter to everyone who wishes to trim parts of their videos or slice out a tiny video clip from a large video file.

You can download Gihosoft Video Cutter from https://www.gihosoft.com/free-video-cutter.html.