How to Customize Windows 10 DVD Using WinNTSetup

After installing Windows 10 fresh on a PC, the first thing that we all do is change the settings, remove unwanted programs and install the new programs that we prefer. For example, I always install Mozilla Firefox  immediately after a fresh installation of Windows.

If we have to install Windows on multiple computers or very often, then we can change the installation media for Windows to install the Windows just in the way as we like it. With the help of a free software WinNTSetup, we can customize Windows installation media (such as DVD or USB pen drives) can be customized.

As soon as we launch WinNTSetup, we are asked to download Windows automated installation kit (WAIK). We cannot do anything without installing WAIK on our system. Downloading and installing WAIK may take some time depending on your internet connection and Windows version.

In the WinNTSetup window, we have to select the source of Windows installation files (like a DVD or USB pen drive), the location of the boot drive and the Windows installation drive (on which you have installed Windows). After this we can click on the Setup button to take is to the next level where we can choose which components are to be installed.

WinNT Setup

We have access to dozens of tweaks that can make working on a Windows computer very easy. For example, we can remove some of the features found in Windows File Explorer, change the settings related to the Windows desktop and more.

We can patch some of the files (such as uxtheme.dll), add third-party device drivers and make the setup unattended. When we make the setup unattended, it will not ask for any user input during the installation. All the necessary information such as the username and agreement to the EULA are taken from a file on the disk.

WinNTSetup can really make Windows 10 slim and fast by removing unwanted components that we rarely use. It can also help us install some of the third-party programs and device drivers during the setup itself.

You can download WinNTSetup from