How to Enable Private Session for Spotify Desktop App for Windows

Spotify has definitely become the most popular and best music streaming service in the world. They offer apps for all the platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. In addition, there is a web app that works on any platform and can be accessed through any modern web browser.

On any Windows computer, we can install the desktop client for Spotify and listen to all kinds of music. When listening to music on Spotify, it stores the history of all the songs and albums in the app. If you do not want this user information to be saved, then it offers a privacy mode or privacy session.

When we enable the privacy session on the Windows desktop client for Spotify, all the music and other activities are not saved. This way we can listen to new music or explicit songs without worrying about anyone finding out.

Here is how we can enable the private session on the Spotify desktop app for Windows:

  1. Launch the Spotify desktop app for Windows and login to your account.
  2. Click on the username and then select Private session.Private Session for Skype Desktop Client for Windows
  3. This is it, you have now enabled the private session. You will see a blue icon next to your username in the Spotify desktop client window. You can click on this icon to see the message – “You’re listening anonymously in a private session.”Private Session for Skype Desktop Client for Windows

Now the obvious question comes, how do we turn off the private session. It is very easy – all we have to do is repeat the same steps exactly. This time, it will turn off the private session.

The private session for Skype is a useful feature for all the Spotify users who do not want to share what they are listening to their followers on Spotify. It also helps you listen to new music anonymously without your friends finding out about it.