PrivadoVPN : Fast VPN for All the Platforms

VPN has become very necessary for everyday work these days. No matter what we do online, our identity and privacy gets compromised at every step. By using a good VPN, we can protect our privacy, hide our identity and save ourselves from useless or harmful sites.

PrivadoVPN is a fast VPN service that can be used for all of these reasons on all the popular platforms. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. The software package that it provides contains everything that we need for setting up and using the VPN on our devices.

It offers two subscription plans – free and paid. The free plan is limited to only 10 GB of data every month, only one device and just 12 server locations. In the paid subscription, all of these limitations are removed – you get unlimited data, 10 devices and hundreds of server locations.


We tried PrivadoVPN on a Windows 10 PC. Before using the free plan, we have to create a new free account by supplying the email address. They will send you a randomly generated username and password. With these credentials, we can login to the PrivadoVPN client software.

PrivadoVPN places an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop. We can access all its features from this icon. Basically, we can toggle the VPN on or off and choose the server location from here. It also comes with a kill switch which blocks all the internet if somehow the VPN connection is dropped.


In the settings for PrivadoVPN, we can enable the kill switch, auto-start, and auto-connect. When auto-connect is enabled, it will find a server and automatically connect to it, as soon as PrivadoVPN app is launched. When this is combined with auto-start, it will be auto-launched at Windows start and then auto-connected to the VPN server without the user doing anything.

PrivadoVPN offers both the OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols for connecting to the VPN servers. The user can manually pick one of these protocols or let PrivadoVPN pick one for them. The OpenVPN protocol is much safer as it provides higher level of encryption.


In our tests, we found PrivadoVPN to be working as expected. We did not notice any connections drops. The PrivadoVPN client for Windows was very light on the system resources and worked flawlessly.

You can download PrivadoVPN software for all platforms from