How to Improve PC Performance by Stopping Background Apps

Just like its predecessors, Windows 10 also has so many apps that automatically run as soon as you login to your Windows user account. Then there are even more apps that keep running in the background even if we don’t really use them. For example, on a typical Windows 10 computer, Cortana always runs in the background even if you never use it. These apps start with Windows and then keep hogging system resources which reduces the overall performance of the system. We can stop all the these apps app that continue to run in the background and gain considerable system performance boost.

Here is how we can quickly disable all the background apps from running in Windows 10:

  1. Press Win+I to launch Windows settings. Alternatively, we can also click on Start and then click on the cogwheel icon to do the same.
  2. In the Windows settings window, select the Privacy section.Disable Background Apps in Windows 10
  3. From the left side select Background Apps.
  4. On the right-side, click on the toggle button to turn off all the background apps.Disable Background Apps in Windows 10

These steps will completely turn off all the background apps. You can still launch these apps if you want, but they won’t be permitted to keep running in the background. When you close these apps, they will be closed and not just placed in the background.

If you do not wish to stop all the background apps (perhaps because you use one or more of these apps more often), then you can choose to disable the background apps individually. In the same window, we can find a list of all the background apps and we can choose which of these apps are allowed to be run in the background.

Depending on the type of these background apps, they can receive information, send notifications, and keep updating themselves using your internet bandwidth. When you turn them off, you can also save PC power usage (battery will last longer) and reduce the internet bandwidth usage.