How to Logout of All WhatsApp Web Sessions Easily

WhatsApp offers what it called WhatsApp Web which is a way to access WhatsApp from any desktop web browser. WhatsApp Web makes it very convenient to chat with your friends and coworkers while working on other tasks on your desktop or laptop computer.

In order to keep everything secure, it does not allow you to login to WhatsApp through your regular credentials directly in your web browser. Instead, they have developed a much more secure way to login. You have to first open in your web browser which will show you a QR code. This code has to be scanned using WhatsApp app on your mobile where you are already signed-in.

We can repeat this process on many web browsers and many computers. The result being that we end up having multiple WhatsApp Web sessions active across multiple devices. How do we keep track of all these sessions and how do we log out of all these WhatsApp Web sessions?

We can logout of all the WhatsApp Web sessions easily through the WhatsApp app itself. Here is how:

  1. Launch WhatsApp app on your smartphone, pull down its menu and select WhatsApp Web from there.
  2. On the next screen, you will see all the connected devices where WhatsApp Web is active. It will show the web browser name along with the operating system. Tap on the session from which you want to logout.Logout of WhatsApp Web
  3. Select Log out from the options available for the WhatsApp Web session. This will effectively log you out from the respective WhatsApp Web session on your desktop or laptop computer.Logout of WhatsApp Web
  4. You can repeat the same for all the WhatsApp Web sessions being displayed.

As you can see WhatsApp gives us fairly easy way to log out of all the connected devices and from all the WhatsApp Web sessions instantly. We can use this method to sign out remotely from WhatsApp Web sessions if we forgot to do so earlier.

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  1. There was a ‘Log out from all devices’ option before and has been removed without notice. One click, all options gone. The method you purpose is not easy at all, it implies to go to every session and execute the same action. How can you say that’s fairly easy way to log out of all the connected devices?

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