How to Quickly Reset Steam Account Password

Last night, after listening to a podcast review, I decided to buy a new game (Resident Evil Village) from Steam. But when I tried to login to my Steam account, it failed to login. When these things happen, it is best not to panic as it usually ends up in a bigger problem. First I tried to check the password managers for my Steam account and then I checked the saved passwords on my browser but I could not find it. So after trying to remember by password for 10 minutes, I decided to just change it. It turns out that changing Steam account password is very easy and Steam even offers all sorts of help for this purpose.

Here is how you can reset your Steam account password easily:

  1. Visit in a desktop web browser and click on the Forgot password.
  2. Click on I forgot my Steam account name or password.Forgot Steam Password
  3. Enter the email address associated with your Steam account, enter the captcha code and click on Search.Forgot Steam Password
  4. You will receive an email message, enter the verification code in this message on the Steam site which now asks you for the verification code.Forgot Steam Password
  5. Click on Reset my password.Forgot Steam Password
  6. Enter new password two times, and click on the Change Password button. It will send the verification code once again to your email address which you have to enter on the next screen.Forgot Steam Password
  7. Congratulations, you have successfully change the Steam account password.

A common mistake made by the Steam users is that they try to login using the email address or mobile phone number. This results in login failure as Steam is not asking for your email address or phone number. In fact, it is asking for your Steam account username. It is the account name that is visible on all the game stats on the Steam site. Whether you have forgotten your username or password for your Steam account, it is very easy to change or reset it.