SOS Security Suite : Portable Protection Against Malware

SOS Security Suite is a portable tool that can scan for adware, malware and spyware on a Windows PC. It comes with protection features that can prevent your system from getting infected in future.

When we launch SOS Security Suite for the first time, we are given options to either install it on the PC or run it in a portable mode. Needless to say, the portable mode makes more sense as we can run it from a portable hard drive or a USB pen drive to scan any Windows PC.

In the user interface of SOS Security Suite, we can see some basic information about the Windows PC such as the Windows version, BIOS/UEFI version, antivirus status, RAM, hard drive, CPU and the GPU. Against each of these it shows either a yellow alert icon or a green check mark. The ones having alert icons can be improved, updated or upgraded to boost the system performance. For example,  on my system it showed alert against the hard drive, meaning that by upgrading to an SSD the system performance can be improved.

SOS Security Suite

Under the Threat Scan, we can scan for malware, PUP (potentially unwanted programs), BHO (browser hijacker objects), and spyware. It scans the running programs, autostart entries, internet browsers and possible malware. At the end of the scan, it makes a suggestion to remove possible malicious items and you can remove them by clicking on the Clean button.

We can use the System Immunization tools to prevent certain settings in our system from being altered. Similarly, the Execute Prevent tools can be used to lock some programs and prevent them from being run. It also comes with some cleanup tools that can help users to remove the junk files, obsolete entries and other gunk from your system.

SOS Security Suite is not really a full fledged antivirus (in fact, it alerts you if you do not have a good antivirus installed and enabled), but it does come with an arsenal of tools to prevent infection of your PC. To a certain degree, it can also remove known spyware, adware and malicious software from your Windows computer.

You can download SOS Security Suite from