LightkeyPad : Free Predictive Text Editor for Windows

LightkeyPad is a free text editor with built-in features to bolster your typing performance. It can predict words as you are typing and can correct spelling mistakes in real-time. These features not only make typing faster but also make you much more efficient at typing better.

From the general appearance of the LightkeyPad, you cannot perhaps guess all the powerful features that are lying underneath the ordinary looking text editor. When you first launch the LightkeyPad text editor, you have to choose at least three categories for building your prediction profile.

Among the many prediction categories available are technology, business & finance, industries, laws & government, academics, arts & entertainment, sports, medical & health and more. Under each of these there are multiple sub-categories to be picked from. You can also change or choose these categories later on.


After this initial setup, you are all ready to start using LightkeyPad. The user interface looks like any other text editor with ability to choose fonts, paragraph alignment, clipboard functions and ability to print, save or load files. It also comes with two themes – dark and light.

When you start typing in the LightkeyPad editor, it will guess the next word as you are typing. You can press the TAB key to complete the words. The prediction and completion of words is done only from the categories that you picked earlier.


In the LightkeyPad dashboard (which can be accessed from its notification area icon), we can see how much time we have saved using the LightkeyPad prediction technology. We can also change the prediction categories from the settings window. In this free text editor, there are some features that are not available such as AI-powered prediction, multi-word prediction, and Microsoft Office support. These features are available in their commercial software called Lightkey Professional or Lightkey Business.

You can download LightkeyPad from