MP3-Pizza Timer : Small Portable Timer for Windows

MP3-Pizza Timer is a portable Windows program that can be used as a countdown timer, egg timer (pizza timer) or as an alarm clock. What makes this little timer unique is that it uses MP3 audio files as alert. So when the countdown is up, it plays an MP3 file that you had selected earlier.

When launched for the first time, it shows a window that details all the information a user would ever need. It tells the user how to pick an MP3 file and how to set the timer. Basically we can select a music file by clicking on the small eject button on the MP3-Pizza Timer window. Another way to select a music file is by dragging-n-dropping it on the MP3-Pizza Timer window. We can use only MP3 audio files.

By default the MP3-Pizza Timer starts with a 10 minute timer. But we can adjust the timer by using four buttons that can be used to add the timer by 5 minutes or 1 minute. Similarly, we can also subtract 1 minute or 5 minutes from the timer countdown. When the countdown reaches 0, the MP3-Pizza Timer will play the selected MP3 file.

MP3-Pizza Timer

MP3-Pizza Timer also places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. By right-clicking on this icon we can choose a time from 5 minute to 60 minutes. There is also an option to manually set the countdown timer. This way we have much more control on the length of the timer.

MP3-Pizza Timer

MP3-Pizza Timer is definitely a very useful countdown timer to have on a Windows PC. It can be used as a simple countdown timer, a pomodoro timer, an alarm clock, a reminder and more. We can add a custom MP3 file for alarm containing a message so that it reminds us of a task that must be done at a specific time.

You can download MP3-Pizza Timer from