Play Super Audio CD ISO Images in Foobar2000 with SACD Plugin

Foobar2000 is a very advanced audio player for Windows. It is able to play hundreds of audio file formats. It can play even more types of audio files or devices with the aid of useful components or plugins. Through the use of these components, we can enhance the features that already exist in Foobar2000 or add new features that do not previously exist.

Super Audio CD Decoder (SACD) is such a component for Foobar2000 that adds the ability to playback Super Audio CD images in Foobar. Once this plugin has been activated, we can open the ISO images directly in Foobar2000 and it will recognize the audio CDs easily.

The SACD plugin has to be installed in Foobar2000 before it can be used. For installing this plugin, we have extract the foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component file and copy it somewhere on the PC. After this, we can open this file in Foobar2000 using the FileOpen menu. The plugin will be installed instantly but will be available only after you close and restart Foobar2000.

Super Audio CD for Foobar2000

Once installed, you can try opening ISO images for Super Audio CDs. Foobar2000 will recognize these images and start playing the tracks inside them immediately. Other than the Super Audio CD images, it also supports DSDIFF, DSF and DSD WavPack files.

In the options for the Super Audio CD plugin, we can choose the output mode to be either PCM, DSD or both. We can also change the PCM audio volume, and the sampling rate. We can also choose a processor for DSD. There are some other settings for making changes to the track tags.

Super Audio CD for Foobar2000

Super Audio CD component for Foobar2000 can make a big difference if you have a big collection of audio CDs and you want to play them with Foobar2000. We can use Foobar2000 with ASIO output plugin for making the setup much more interesting.

You can download Super Audio CD Decoder (SACD) plugin for Foobar2000 from