Cryptainer LE : Virtual Disk Based Encryption for Windows

One or other type of encryption is used by all of us on a regular basis whether we realize it or not. For example, when we open a website, it connects through the HTTPS protocol which requires encryption. But we can also use encryption to protect our private or sensitive files. For encrypting files, we need an encryption software like Cryptainer LE which is free for Windows users.

Cryptainer LE is an easy-to-use virtual disk based encryption software. It uses a very strong Blowfish 448-bit algorithm. In order to encrypt files, Cryptainer LE creates volumes (virtual disks) that will store our confidential data. When this volume is loaded, it becomes available in the Windows File Explorer like any other storage drive. If we copy files on this drive, they are automatically encrypted.

Cryptainer LE

In the Cryptainer LE user interface, we can create, load and unload any number of volume. When creating a new volume, we are asked to specify password and other parameters which are used when attempting to load these volumes. The free version of Cryptainer LE has a limitation of 100 MB maximum storage per volume. If you want to store more than 100 MB, then you can upgrade to the paid Cryptainer software.

Cryptainer LE also places an icon in the notification area of Windows desktop. We can right-click on this icon to open a menu which supports loading, unloading and listing of all the Cryptainer drives.

Cryptainer LE

Cryptainter LE will encrypt files not only on the hard drives, but also on portable storage drives such as USB pen-drives, microSD cards, external USB drives. The program can also send encrypted secure e-mail messages, so that we can ensure that the e-mail content is not tempered with. The recipient of the email message does not need Cryptainer LE to be installed, only the password for decrypting the secure e-mail.

You can download Cryptainer LE from