Read Comic Books (CBR & CBZ) on Windows with MComix

If you want to enjoy the comic books on your Windows computer, then you can use a free software called MComix. it is a portable software for reading comic books packed inside archives such as CBR, CB7 and CBZ. You do not have to extract the images from these archives manually, MComix can read the contents automatically in the right order.

MComix is an open-source software and it makes use of many other open-source libraries in order to work. It depends on Python, Cairo, GTK+, SQLite and other libraries. But it offers an “all in one” package that contains all of these in the same archive file. The users do not have to manually install any of these and can start using MComix immediately after extracting it from the archive.

Opening a supported comic book file in MComix is very easy. We can launch MComix and use File menu to open the supported files. The comic book is instantly displayed in the MComix window. It remembers where you left off, so when you open the same book next time, it will open it on the page that you were reading the last time.


MComix comes with full-screen mode, double-page mode and a manga mode. We can switch the mode between the western comics and the Japanese manga books. We can enhance the images, rotate the pages and transform of the images. We can also choose to fit the pages to the height, width or let it decide how to best fit the pages on your screen. It even has a slide-show mode so that pages are auto-forwarded after a certain time. This way you do not have to turn the pages manually.

MComix is a powerful and fast comic book reader. It supports all the popular archive based comic book files such as CBZ, CB7, CBR, CBT, etc. It even supports reading of the PDF files.

You can download MComix from