Voya Media : Free Cross-Platform Media Player

Voya Media is a free cross-platform media player that is able to play all kinds of media files. It supports viewing of image files, playing back music and video files. It works on Windows, Linux and macOS too.

The program comes in different packages meant for different platforms as expected. For Linux, we have DEB and RPM packages, for macOS it offers PKG and for Windows users, it has the usual EXE setup installer. The installation itself is a breeze and it starts working on your system in a short time.

The user interface of Voya Media is not really much different from any standard media player, but it is a very lightweight in comparison to some other big names. For example, when you open a video file in Voya Media, it does not make you wait and starts to play right away. In other media players, there is often a lag time in which the media player allocated the memory resources.

Voya Media

Voya Media plays only one media file at a single time. Not only this saves the precious system resources, it also keeps everything very simple. We can switch the Voya Media window to full screen easily, enable shuffle play, and view detailed information about the media being played. For opening new files in Voya Media, we can simply drag-n-drop them on its window.

Voya Media installer package for Window sis only 34 MB in size, yet it is able to play all types of media files under the Sun. This is perhaps because it uses another open-source project called FFmpeg. As a result, it is able to play all the music files and the video files. It also makes use of FreeImage which enables it to view and render many different types of image files on your screen.

You can download Voya Media from https://github.com/adamajammary/voyamedia.