EnvyUpdate Alerts When New Nvidia GPU Driver is Available

We all know why it is very important to have all the software up-to-date. By updating the software, we eliminate not only the known bugs but it also makes the system secure. In some cases, updating the device driver software can also make many more features available to the users. This is why we should update the device driver software automatically and not manually check for it.

With the free EnvyUpdate tool, we can quickly check for the latest version of the device driver software for the Nvidia GPU. This small tool can automatically detect the type of graphics card installed on your PC. If your PC does not have any Nvidia graphics card, then it will simply close down after informing you that it could not find any Nvidia graphics card.

EnvyUpdate keeps running in the background and places itself in the system tray. It regularly checks the Nvidia website for the latest versions of the device drivers. When it finds that there is a newer device driver software, it will show a notification to the user.


On the tiny EnvyUpdate window there are two options – auto-start and install. The “auto-start” option is for making it automatically start with Windows. And the “install” option means that it is going to install the program configuration on your local drive. If you want to run it in the portable mode, then you should avoid the “install” option.

When it has found a new update for your GPU, EnvyUpdate will take you directly to the manufacturer, where you can download the latest driver for your system. You can also click on the green download button to do the same. Even though we can check manually for the latest version of device driver software periodically, EnvyUpdate makes it much more convenient.

You can download EnvyUpdate from https://github.com/fyr77/EnvyUpdate.