WinExt : System Utilities for Optimizing Windows PC

WinExt is a software suite containing many different utilities that can be used to streamline your Windows PC, improve its performance, clean the junk files, fix most common errors and optimizing it. It is surprising that the developers of WinExt have packed so many features in a small program of only ~2 MB download size.

The user interface of WinExt is jam-packed with all the tools and features that a Windows user will ever need. All these tools can be accessed using their sidebar shortcuts – Clean, Optimize, Duplicates, Sizes, Recent, Activity, Batch and, Sync.

The clean section can scan your system for all kinds of unwanted files, left behind or orphaned files. These files do not really make any difference to your system even after they are deleted, but they can significantly impact on the system performance when more storage space is freed.


It can also scan the Windows registry for some of the most commonly known problems and missing or mis-configured entries. It can also detect spyware and adware entries found in the Registry. It can fix the application problems, remove left-behind entries and fix issues with libraries.

WinExt comes with a duplicate files detector which we can use to find identical files and delete them. It uses fast file comparison algorithms that use the file hashing and file content matching. We can remove all but one of the found duplicate files to free up the space and unclutter the file system.


If your computer is running out of storage space then we can use the “Sizes” tool to find the largest files or folders existing on a storage drive. It can be very surprising to find unnecessary files of multiple gigabytes residing on the drives. We can get rid of these large files judiciously and gain more available free space.

WinExt has so many features that any Windows user can find at least one or two of these for their daily use. Through the use of these powerful utilities, we can keep our Windows PC optimized and working like brand new.

You can download WinExt from