Write Safely on Android Smartphones Using Diary with Lock

In the old times, everyone had a diary that they wrote into almost on a daily basis. Writing a diary every single day is actually a good and healthy habit. By writing down all your thoughts and reflections into the diary, you can get them out of your system and feel better. It is considered really helpful if you write entries into your dairy before going to sleep. This way you can clear up your system and sleep better. Obviously, you can go through the contents of your own diary many years later to find what you were doing all these years ago.

Having a real physical diary is the best, but if you cannot afford a real diary then you can try a virtual diary that can be installed on your Android smartphone. This diary is called “Diary with Lock” because it can be locked with a password or code.

This diary app is very flexible when it comes to the user interface. It allows users to change the colors, fonts,  date styles, and shortcut icons too. We can choose the background color, foreground color, the text font name, size and family.

Diary with Lock

When writing an entry in the diary, we can specify the date and time for that entry, the topic and the actual entry itself. In the text editor section of this diary app, we can add emojis using a simple mini keyboard with support for modern American English. We can toggle this emoji helper tool whenever we want.

Diary with Lock

This diary app supports exporting of the diary contents, one or more entries to a large number of targets. We can export the contents to the local host, to a cloud storage drive, to Google Drive, to OneDrive and more.

You can get the Diary with Lock app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.adpog.diary.