ZMeter Displays Network, Disk, CPU and RAM Usage on Screen

When you are using a PC under the constraints of limited available resources, you should always keep an eye on the resource usage. For example, if you have only 4GB of RAM installed then you should keep checking whether any program is claiming a larger portion from the available RAM. If you do not keep everything in check then your system may become unstable or unresponsive for a while.

Another good example is when you are sharing the internet data access from your mobile phone with your desktop or laptop PC. Because data packs are usually expensive and very limited, you should watch for how much data you have been using on your Windows PC.

A freeware program called ZMeter can address all these concerns by displaying the network, disk, CPU and the RAM usage on your screen. It shows everything in form of graphs that are dynamically updated to reflect the current status of all the resources. The graphs are auto-scaling so they can display more information as the system resources usage changes.


For the network usage, it displays the maximum download speed that your network has reached so far (starting from the moment you launched ZMeter), the total downloaded bytes and also the uploaded bytes. For the CPU section, it displays the PC uptime and the CPU usage in the percentage. It displays the total RAM available and the amount of RAM that is being currently used. And lastly, it displays the read stats, write stats as well as the maximum of the disk write rate so far for the disk usage.

ZMeter is a small, portable and fast resources statistics information tool. It can be resized and dragged around anywhere on your screen. We can view it in two modes – dark mode and light mode. By default, it launches only in the dark mode but we can right-click on it to choose light (or dark) mode.

You can download ZMeter from